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Validate is an independent investigative body seeking key elements that may support or debunk certain theories based on anomalous phenomena including experimental studies.
In order to authenticate claims, Validate endeavours to gather bona fide evidence without relying on calculations or any conclusions drawn by other groups or organisations. This clean slate approach enables Validate to conduct its own studies without influence. All obtained information can therefore be thoroughly scrutinised without prejudice.
In essence, Validate deals with highly controversial areas that are considered as fringe science.
Validate appreciates the fact that certain events are beyond conventional explanations. In other words, Validate will not be dissuaded no matter how extraordinary the claim may be.
On occasions Validate engages an independent third party for a broader perspective on certain cases.

"One needs to remember that scepticism is not necessarily a badge of tough mindedness. It may equally be a sign of intellectual cowardice."

John Beloff

Founders of Validate:

Attila Kaldy
Andrea Kaldy

Associate Psychologist for Validate:

Dr. Tony Jinks

This NSW map indicates the intensity levels of reported UFO phenomena since 1995. The information is a product of public enquiries, research and field studies. For more information click onto this hyperlink.

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