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Case Sample 1

Case Sample 1

Extract from original report

The Director of Enquiries receives a large number of reports and applications for investigations every year. Most of these investigations uncover measurable evidence, mostly providing prosaic explanations. Here is one particular case that was investigated in Camden. The name of the reportee has been changed for privacy reasons:

Robert gave us a brief description of the phenomena he has been experiencing within and around his residence. These include:

Orbs and faces captured on IR CCD cameras.

Figures and shadows appearing in main bedroom, which has led Robert to relocate and sleep in the living room.

Audible phenomena such as tapping, movement of doors and voices, thumping sounds in hallway.

After an overnight assessment of the premises the following conclusions were drawn:

  • Orbs were a result of airborne particles. Video footage captured with previous CCD placed against window glass in laundry indicates out of focus anomalies moving across screen. The most likely causes are small insects moving across the outer surface of the window. The 'face' that appeared and now gradually fading is most likely caused by contamination of the lens body. As a result the symmetry of this aberration has produced a visual effect known as pareidolia.

  • A general EMI level sweep of the interior was conducted. The main bedroom was the focus point. Significant levels of EMR were measured directly behind the bed (a stable reading of approximately 50 milligauss, occasionally peaking above 100 milligauss). Depending on household appliance operations, these levels can increase. Prolonged exposure to such levels of EMR can lead to neurological stimulations. Robert has experienced apparitions in front of his bed after waking up from 'deep sleep'. This phenomenon may be related to REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). Such exposure can contribute to sleep paralysis (increased blood pressure and irregular breathing patterns). REM sleep covers 20% of a standard sleep period and is associated with dreaming. During this time the brain activity is generally high. The subject may fall into a hypnopompic state where visions, apparitions and voices may occur.

  • Tapping and thumping was noted in the living room and in the hallway. Some of the noises were produced by fish bumping into the tank, temperature variations causing structural movement (creaks and other abrupt noises) and holes in the external walls (fibro) may have invited vermin.

The conclusion in the report stated:

The events occurred at (address withheld) are not paranormal in nature, but rather a variation of natural occurrences.

Please note that the image is not a representation of the subject dwelling in the report

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