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The following category system was developed by Validateís Director of Enquires. The purpose of the CAT (category) system is to systematically categories each case. Generally the most prominent category for individual cases is elected by the reportee and/or investigator/assessor. Where applicable, relevant subcategories will appear in each report.

  • CAT 1

Where the occupants of a residence sense an alleged presence.

  • CAT 2

Where the occupants of a residence witness automatic appliance operation (television, microwave oven, computer turns on without any noticeable physical effort).

  • CAT 3

Visual contact with an alleged apparition or other form of visual phenomena.

  • CAT 4

Audible phenomena

  • CAT 5

Discovery of physical trace evidence. This includes the appearance of unusual substance or residue, unprecedented temperature variations, writing or marking presumably not produced by any physical effort.

  • CAT 6

Unexplained physical contact

  • CAT 7

Poltergeist activity. In addition subjects may experience items disappearing and/or appearing/reappearing without any physical effort (Asports and Apports). Also claims of objects levitating and/or objects being thrown or moved without any physical effort.

  • CAT 8

Where an individual experiences unnatural psychological behaviour caused by claims of influence by unknown entity. Reference: Enfield poltergeist case.

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