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One of the most intriguing accounts in Cryptozoology has to be the alleged existence of a primitive form of hominid known in Australia as the ‘Yowie’ or ‘Sasquatch’ in Canada and 'Big Foot' in the US. These sightings of large primate-like life forms are by no means exclusive to these countries. Yet the true mystery is that no bona fide evidence has ever surfaced to support the theory that would underline the existence of these creatures.
It is therefore not unreasonable to suggest that most of these sightings may well be a result of pranksters, hoaxers or misidentifications.
If claims that these Yowies are an off shoot from our evolutionary tree considered true, then one would expect to find some form of evidential trail, for example remains of primitive technology and habitats or even bodily remains. On the other hand it is hard to ingnore the many stories of bipedal giants that seem to appear in many indigenous folklore that stretch back hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years.

The closet resemblance in our historical records is undoubtedly
Gigantopithecus Blacki, an extinct genus of ape that primarily lived in Central and Southeast Asia.

During our expeditions in Sydney's Blue Mountains, the Pilliagas and a number of other remote bushlands, we have taken note of many interesting disturbances that have also been observed by other Bigfoot researchers:

Throwing of rocks and branches
Wood knocking
Strong odours
Territorial display (similar to that of gorillas – stomping, charging, throwing debris in the air, shacking trees)

Striking as these might sound, we are still lacking that 'so called' indisputable evidence.

Entertaining the idea of the existence of giant bipedal primates would certainly raise many questions. But should the day come, I fear that the relentless treachery of human interference may cause irreversible harm to a hitherto theoretical well-preserved ancient society.

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