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EMF Metre

EMF Metre

Regarded as possibly the most popular instrument used among civil groups searching for evidence of the paranormal. These devices are commonly known by the following names: EMF (electromagnetic field) meter, EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) meter, Tri-field meter and Gauss meter. In essence they all share the same function to effectively measure EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

The purpose behind the use of these meters is to identify stray EM fluctuations in a localised environment. This action is due to the general belief that certain paranormal phenomena contain EM properties. That may well be true but there is no direct evidence to regard this as conclusive. What overshadows these claims are the number of other plausible explanations.
Unfortunately, there have been a number of anecdotal cases where investigators have hastily jumped to extraordinary conclusions without conducting proper assessments. As a result clients are given misleading information.
Instruments that measure EMR are used to measure exactly that.

It is worth noting that high levels of EMR can cause a number of effects such as appliance interference, physical illness and hallucinations (especially after prolonged exposure refer to Case Example 1).

Here are just a few examples that can lead to scale deflection on a device:

  • Faulty house-hold wiring
  • Meter box
  • Electronic appliances & fittings
  • Electrolysis in water pipes
  • Radio frequencies
  • Overhead power lines
  • Transformers
  • Electronic units (cameras, receivers, transmitters etc)
  • Geomagnetic fluctuations
  • Weather conditions

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