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* How do I report a sighting or an experience?

  • Please visit the Enquiry page and select the type of sighting, e.g.: UFO. This will lead you to the appropriate report page.

* I think my house is haunted. What can I do?

  • Please visit the Enquiry page and select Haunting. Please ensure that you are as detailed as possible when completing your report. When selecting the category, please read carefully and choose what you feel to be the most concerning. Note that Validate can only investigate selected cases.

* When I take photos the images have orbs in them. Does this mean that the place is haunted?

  • Before reporting such anomalies, please read the Orbs article on the referred Hauntings page. If all possible explanations can be discounted through a process of elimination, please continue to the Enquiry page if you wish to submit a report.

* I would like my image analysed.

  • Please proceed to the Enquiry page and complete a report form. You will receive an email within 5 working days to your designated email address. Please reply with the attached image of interest. An analyst from Validate will contact you via email with the results.
  • If your opinion is to the contrary, please feel welcome to obtain a second opinion, advisably from a reputable and independent organisation such as SPR.

* How do I become an investigator?

  • Validate has been training and coaching individuals and groups since 2010. If you would like to apply for training please forward your request via email. However, if you wish to join an established group please visit the Access Paranormal website for available positions.

* How do I become an investigator with Validate?

  • Validate is currently not recruiting investigators. However joint ventures will be available on certain projects.

* About mediumship: Where can I develop my abilities?

  • Mediumship is a highly controversial psychical phenomenon. In the future Validate will be conducting various experiments in a controlled environment to collate statistical data. For any enquiries related to mediumship, please visit

* You occasionally mention psi phenomena. What does that represent?

  • Psi is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet (pronounced as sigh) that represents four types of paranormal phenomena: Survival theory of the human consciousness, PK phenomenon Psychokinesis, Clairvoyance, Telepathy.

* Academic enquiries

  • For Validate project enquiries from academic institutions please click here.

* Why the ‘Paranormal Nation’ web address?

  • Paranormal Nation was chosen as it has relevance to the area of work conducted by Validate. A ‘Validate’ web address would not be easily recognised as a phenomena research body on the World Wide Web.

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