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Investigating Your Property

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Investigating Your Property

Experiencing inexplicable occurrences, especially for untrained observers, can be extremely unpleasant and confusing. Emotions can be easily amplified particularly when one observer is singled out i.e.: when only one or two members of the family are seemingly experiencing events outside the realm of normality.
It is true that not everyone is supportive and those who face these paranormal activities will, in most cases, feel isolated.

Because paranormal investigations (meaning
beyond-normal, which is not exclusive to hauntings or any other psi phenomena) is not a recognised field in Australia, it lacks any form of national standard. Therefore it is not uncommon to hear of unethical, unprofessional and misleading practices. Validate strongly believes that a set of standards should be implemented to avoid malpractice and to protect the clients who request these investigations, whether it’s public or private property. Although this will require many years of laborious effort, mainly breaking through ‘solid walls’ of resistance from organisations and individuals, these standards should be available for the information of those requesting an inquiry through the right channels and demanding that certain standards be employed during an investigators visit and investigation to your home/property.

What are some of these standards?

  • Professional and ethical conduct

  • Sound knowledge and experience within the field – years of experience may not necessarily equate to knowledge. To establish a basic understanding of any such organisation, it is recommended to carefully study any literature published or displayed on the representative website.

  • Second or third opinion – If you question the outcome of an enquiry or investigation, it is recommended that you obtain a second or third opinion from a respected organisation or academic institution. You should feel free to question any definitive outcomes and ask whether the representative/s is/are willing to have their results scrutinised by a respected organisation or academic institution.

  • Please be aware that counselling should only be conducted by registered therapists, counsellors or psychologists.

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