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Possessions - A Brief Assessment

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Possessions - A Brief Assessment by Attila Kaldy

Many who hear the word possession’ think of movies like The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Paranormal Activity and the list goes on. The influence of Hollywood has certainly painted its own picture about attacks of possession, if we want to call it that.

Despite the many self proclaimed exorcists, the leading authority dealing with this phenomenon, and has been for centuries, is undoubtedly the Roman Catholic Church. Selected priests who are appointed to conduct exorcisms or ‘Deliverance’ are well trained to identify genuine diabolical possessions from attention seekers to those suffering from mental illness. How ‘diabolical’ some conditions are is anyone’s guess. Regardless, the undeniable truth is that there is certainly an alarming increase in claims of possessions. One might ask:

Is Hollywood somehow instrumental to this rise by influence?
Are our high pressure lifestyles contributing factors to possession like disorders?
Or, have the gates of the underworld commissioned a new flock of diabolical entities against the good folk of the Earth?

The answer to this is not as simple as a multiple choice ‘a, b or c’ but there certainly seems to be an underlying pattern that I have observed for quite some time now.

Over the years we have paid numerous visits to households where, in general, a family member was believed to have fallen victim to a spiritual parasite. In many cases we find an unsavoury environment surrounding the subject. Here the dysfunctional household places extreme pressure onto the family member through physical and or mental abuse. The first signs of ‘possession’ begin with depression, at times attempted isolation from reality through preoccupation. Over a prolonged period of emotional trauma we then notice symptoms of disassociation. In a few instances we realised that when the subject falls into the so called 'possessive state', he/she is able to completely disassociate themselves from the abused personality and take on the persona of a new character, the alter ego if you like. In some cases this becomes a safe zone where he or she can act mischievously and literally have the compassion or at times induce fear into the abuser. As long as the theory of possession is entertained, the subject will call upon this personality especially when circumstances become overwhelming. These symptoms point towards Dissociative Identity Disorder and at times Dissociative Amnesia (memory disorder). This is when the victim suffers an extreme traumatic event and thus suffers memory loss as a result. Such incubated memories can filter back into the conscious mind in scrambled fragments and can inadvertently misidentify the perpetrator as a diabolical entity.

Another form of ambiguous act can be the speaking of tongues including a foreign language. In the famous case of Anneliese Michel, the use of the dead language, Latin became prominent during her exorcism. This act may be a result of Cryptomnesia, essentially recovering an old forgotten memory as new information. It was later discovered that Anneliese Michel did in fact study Latin as a child during Sunday school.

There are instances when the subject communicates during a possessive state it appears to be completely out of character, as if someone or something else is speaking through their voice. This effect is mostly related to the use of the False Vocal Cords. These vocal cords are not often used, but when developed, extremely low pitch sounds can be produced similar to that of the chanting Tibetan monks. It is not unreasonable to suggest that ‘hell speak’ is nothing more than deep vibrations from the larynx.

Another aspect of spiritual parasitic attacks is the convulsive stage. The subject throws him/herself in a fit, screaming abuse to anyone within visual proximity. In addition to disassociation from self, we observe a state of adrenaline release, most likely due to the overwhelming build up of emotions. There are a few instances when this release becomes a severe craving for the hormone adrenaline and at times be traced to addictions (medications and/or narcotics). The anomalous stimulus becomes nothing more than a starved mind craving for release.

Sufferers of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia who show symptoms of ‘possession’ can display extreme conditions, even between states.

One of the more popular ‘demonic attributes’ are traces of scarring and other physical anomalies. Some may find this as undeniable evidence of a demonic presence but the truth can be far more complicated. The presence of scarring or even symbolic scarring (which can mostly be a result of optical pareidolia) can be attributed to:

Unconscious action by the subject
Abrasion/s caused by unconsciously hitting or rubbing against sharp objects
Psychosomatic Reactions (rashes and other skin anomalies)
Allergic reactions

Depression associated disorders like Bipolar and (has been known to advance into Psychosis) with the right triggers including suggestion can escalate into symptoms that can be labelled either by the subject or close associates as possession. It is also worthwhile mentioning that I have made a clear observation in a few cases where the use of the spiritual parasite theory was used to remove responsibility of any actions taken by the victim and/or the abuser. It is impossible to draw facts from an external agent such as an elusive force. Although I am not completely discounting the possibilities of an ambiguous influence, we find that in most cases we are dealing with palpable, psychological conditions.

The aspect of a self proclaimed ‘expulsion field expert’ without any proper professional training can be extremely risky. Fuelling or adding preconceived notions of a 'demonic possession' to an already traumatised environment can be instrumental if the circumstances deteriorate further thus placing the onus onto the ‘expulsion field expert’.

In any case, the well being of the subject is paramount. Anything else provides injustice and displays unprofessional conduct. One must be prepared to refer and/or engage the services of a qualified professional. Only then one can say that one has fulfilled his/her duties as a true enquirer of the unexplained.

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