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The Blue Mountains UFO Enigma

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The Blue Mountains UFO Enigma
by Attila Kaldy

Over a decade has passed since I first established the southwestern public organisation of studies into the UFO phenomena. At the time, my then colleague and I were flooded with reports originating from Sydney’s southern and western regions.

It wasn’t long after our initial enquiries that I was made aware of a mysterious concentration of inexplicable encounters in the Blue Mountains region. My curiosity naturally steered me towards this new direction. I was intrigued by the many different types of reports and of course theories, ranging from secret subterranean, extraterrestrial/military facilities to quantum bridges linking us to extradimensional realities. No matter how incredible these stories were one could not be judgemental without thorough insight. The late Dr. Alan Hynek once said, “It would be absurd to travel down only on one path to the exclusion of all others.”

A process of elimination was the only solution ... and this involved investing time and effort. Almost a decade after the first expedition into this inhospitable wilderness, more questions had emerged than conclusions drawn.

One of the prime vantage points was situated on the eastern side of the Burragorang Valley. This isolated location is well away from regular human contact and is accessible only on foot through dense bush land. Once there, one is awestruck by the sheer openness and almost limitless view of the Blue Mountains wilderness.
One thing was immediately noticeable and that was the lack of wildlife. However, some of the expedition members noticed a faint frequency emission from an unknown source, only audible when it repeated in continuous cycles. This was not always noticeable.
As time passed, individuals began to experience abnormal behaviour patterns. These included double vision, sleep paralysis, phobia, lethargy and nausea.

Vic Tandy of the Coventry University in the UK experienced the affects of infrasonic sound and believes that some experiences of an unexplained nature can be explained. Tandy experienced anxiety as well as an optical illusion caused by a vibrating fencing foil (see Ghost in Machine) which emitted a low frequency sound of just under 19 Hz. Not only did this frequency contribute to a lack of physical well-being, but it can also cause the human eyeball to resonate. This in turn can induce hallucinations as well as double vision.

Infrasonic sound is a frequency that falls under the human hearing range that is below 20 Hz. Prolonged exposures to infrasound can create a host of physiological anomalies. In the case of the expedition some plausible contributors can be culprits: naturally occurring infrasound through wind and the possible use of infrasound generators to detract wildlife from Lake Burragorang.

The UFOs
In 2005 two members of the expedition noticed a pulsating golden light on their graveyard shift sometime between 2am and 3am. Their testimony states that as the anomalous light cruised silently near the campsite, all electronic equipment became effected, including the video camera which was mysteriously switching off. It wasn’t until the unidentified passed the site that the ‘Handycam’ switched on enabling the cameraman to document the last few seconds of the encounter. Then, in the words of one of the witnesses, “It just disappeared”.

Although there was some confusion of the exact time of the encounter, it makes any form of inquiry into conventional flight paths difficult.
During the day it became evident that the occasional low flying aircraft appeared only meters above the tree line and followed the current of the lake. These flights may have belonged to the Water Board or a private charter. However, the characteristics of the unknown object became somewhat clearer during a frame analysis of the footage. I will cover this a little later on.

The next point of interest was the malfunction or erratic operation of electronic equipment. Besides the video camera, both parties also noted that the torchlight dimmed. It is worth noting that the cameraman only recently acquired the camera and was not entirely clear of its function and operation. During playback I noticed the cameraman fumbling with the camera, unaware that it was already recording. Therefore we simply cannot rule out mishandling.
Another point was the dimming torchlight. The concerning aspect of this effect is that we don’t know how old the batteries were and how often was the torch used prior to the encounter. It is also a known fact that alkaline batteries do deteriorate much more rapidly when exposed to cold environments. In such altitudes during September the nights are still cold. Again we are faced with a likely mundane explanation.

The disappearance of the object can follow a number of different explanations. Because the object was flying at low altitude, the observers were eventually dodging trees to retain sight of it. So it is possible that the unknown simply went out of the range of sight.

What makes this particular encounter a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is the unconventional characteristics it presents. The image of the UFO displayed in a single frame extracted from the original footage clearly indicates a Saturn like structure on a 45-degree angle. What is unclear is the origin and purpose of such an unusual design. The appearance can easily lead one to jump to exotic conclusions, but until we have solid, indisputable and tangible evidence, it will remain as an unknown.

The following year I received an image from a resident in Wentworth Falls who was taking survey images of a power line near a construction site. The image presents an unusual tubular shape spectacle, seemingly hovering on a tilted angle, much like the unknown in the previous report. A closer view of the phenomenon reveals unusual markings on the surface. Furthermore the main subject itself appears to be more cloud like rather than a solid structure. Therefore we cannot rule out any possibilities relating to meteorological anomalies or perhaps chemical trailing.

Subterranean Tunnel System
When I first heard about an alleged Area 51 like base under the Burragorang valley, it is needless to say that my intrigue took the better of me.
Why hadn’t we heard about this before?
I met a young couple a number of years ago who apparently camped out near Mount Solitary, which sits majestically on the fringes of the mysterious Burragorang. The first night they claimed to have heard vibrations from under the ground as if a convoy of trucks were passing almost right underneath them.
In another interview with an experienced hiker, I was told about an encounter he and his friends had with a troop of soldiers near the Wild Dog Mountains.

Since these reports I have learnt that our special forces do conduct military training in the mountains, with their US counterparts. It is therefore no wonder that campers may occasionally hear the ground vibrating from heavy military vehicles travelling on fire trails or other designated tracks. The mountainous geography of the area contains countless caverns and subterranean streams that will allow sound to vibrate across large distances. The other aspect of this theory leads us to the many abandoned coal-mining shafts, some still displaying their sealed entry with a brick façade.

It is not surprising that such a collection of reports (with the added ingredient of UFO sightings) can easily influence our logical train of thinking to manifest incredible theories.
At this point in time no bona fide evidence exists that would suggest the presence of foreign technology in the Blue Mountains. Nevertheless, among the collection of reports and encounters that remain unidentified, this fine portion will continue to motivate future expeditions in front of a long decade of ventures that have already passed with some level of success.

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