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UFO Phenomenon

One of the most misunderstood aspects of the paranormal is the UFO phenomenon. In a 2008 - 2009 survey developed by Validate Director of Enquiries, 79% believed that the abbreviation UFO describes extraterrestrial technology. The contribution to this misconception arrives from nowhere else but the media.
A UFO is essentially what the abbreviation stands for – Unidentified Flying Object. By no means does this acronym constitute any meaning that represents alien technology.
The USAF first coined the term ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ to describe exactly that – aerial phenomenon of an unknown nature.
It is true, however, that many reported sightings remain unexplained. It is also true that some
UFOlogists (a term used to describe UFO researchers) are quick to point the finger at a possible extraterrestrial intervention. That may be true, but unless the case provides strong prima facie, any argument on the contrary will prevail.

The map displayed on the home page indicates the amount of reported sightings within a region of NSW between 1995 – 2010.
The Director of Enquiries for
Validate was previously involved in a 10-year project that monitored and studied the UFO phenomena. Although there were a number of first hand accounts as well as public cases that defied conventional explanations, there has been no evidence to suggest that any of these sightings were of extraterrestrial origin.
As an independent research body
Validate will continue to assess, examine results and embark on field studies and expeditions to evaluate (where possible) any reports of UFO encounters through Validate's Project UFO.

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